Siloam Christian Orphanage

Mission Statement
“Our philosophy is to promote the health, nutrition, education, and welfare of orphans,

underprivileged children, and needy adults, to facilitate vocational and tertiary training, to operate
charitable organizations, to provide healthcare, early childhood care,
primary, and secondary education, emergency and disaster relief,
and undertake sustainable building projects to empower
the livelihood of marginalized groups in the community.”

Our vision is to transform the lives of orphans, disadvantaged children, and marginalized adults through education, adequate nutrition, appropriate healthcare, moral, and socioeconomic initiatives, to break the chains of poverty in the community.

Siloam Feeding Program
We currently provide 130 children to include HIV-Aids orphans, street children, and underprivileged children, residing in the slums of kisii, Kenya, with two nutritious meals every day, seven days a week. These children would be malnourished, suffer stunted growth, and be prone to illness, and disease, if not for silo am Care Foundation.

We also provide nutrition to mothers with babies residing in the slums of kisii, Kenya, and supply nutritious meals to their young children.

Siloam Garden Learning Center
We support our primary school siloam Garden Learning Centre which was established to provide primary school education to needy children, street children, and orphans residing in the slums and kisii regions, regardless of gender. The curriculum is in accordance with Kenya’s official KPSC qualification.

We provide educational resources, uniforms, shoes, stationery, support extra curricular activities such as soccer, and fund school excursions.

Our Orphanage:Siloam Christian Orphanage
Our Orphanage provides a home for HIV-Aids orphans, and street children from kisii, Kenya.

We provide these children with the necessities of life to include: healthcare, food, clean drinking water, clothes and shoes, a primary school education, and medical care.

Our Counseling Services



We also provide counseling services to  siloam Orphanage, siloam Garden Learning Center, and to the community residing in the slums of kisii. We address issues such as:

Bereavement and loss
Abuse issues
Christian support and spiritual advice
Business start-up advice

If you would like to help Evans as he works diligently to make a difference in the lives of the homeless and orphaned children in Kisii, Kenya, you can give at Paypal:

I know that Evans and the children at Siloam would be eternally grateful for your support.

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